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Artisan Range: Natural Botanical Solid Perfumes

100% pure botanic perfumes deliciously warm and sensual, fascinating yet sophisticated.

Original Range: Cream Perfumes

Mixture of quality scents celebrate essences that lie within the exotic islands of the South.

Zodiac Fragranced Oils: By HappyNose

Present special fragrance qualities of each sign. Non-alcohol based, applicable by Muslims.

Natural Fragranced Soaps: By HappyNose

Vegetable-based natural soaps cleansing the mind, moistening your skin, nourishes your soul.


Wanting to start a business? Looking for additional products on your shelves? Be it retail, wholesale or online selling, we welcome you to distribute our whole range of uniquely fragranced products. Do contact us now.


At HappyNose, we believe in beauty, quality and value. We strive to provide you with the best scented products, the perfect gifts and souvenirs for locals and visitors alike. Our unique cream perfumes are made in New Zealand with eco-friendly options and contain no animal ingredients. We are strongly against products that have been tested on animals.

We are the sole importer of Pacific Cream Perfumes in Malaysia. (Read more...)