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1. Is your products safe to use?

Our products are generally safe to use. They contained no dangerous elements. No preservative has been added. If you are allergic to certain plants or fragrance oils, please contact us directly. Please avoid using fragranced products if your panel of doctors advised you to do so.

2. What is perfume oil?

We love all kinds of perfume, which is why we think it's high time to call attention to one of our favourite variations - the oil fragrance.

People always ask: What is perfume oil?

Our answer to this: Perfume oil is the origin of an ordinary perfume, but it is richer in flavour and its fragrance last much longer. If you're looking for a natural moisturising fragrance that won't break the bank, look no further than perfume oils. Generally just one or two drops are enough to achieve the desired scent, and when added to a carrier, such as coconut or olive oil, they give greater coverage and a milder, gentler scent. Once applied, your body's heat will cause the oil to dissipate and give off a unique fragrance, which is then absorbed into your pores so that it lasts longer. And because there is no alcohol, it doesn't evaporate or cause dryness. Perfume oil won't be washed away by sweat and will last until you wipe it off. Perfume oils can last for several years in airtight bottles and can be mixed easily to personalise your own scent. And since they are used a drop or two at a time - a little goes a long way! - They are super wallet-friendly too.

Features of Perfume Oil
Other Name: Fragrance Oil
Traits: Oily liquid form, relatively thick, alcohol-free, clear and transparent
Filling Method: Rollerball bottle for easy application, 10ml portable size easy to carry around
Scent: Rich in flavour, heavy but not pungent, wide diffusion range, scent transition comes naturally and acceptable after application
Duration: Fragrance last a long time, usually stay 3-5 days on clothes
Dosage: Just apply a small amount using incense stick or rollerball, won't cause wastage, each usage is only 0.2-0.3ml
Advantages: Alcohol-free; rich in flavour and durable; cheaper; suitable for everyone; low dosage per usage; fully imported from abroad due to the scarcity of raw materials and advanced technology.
Disadvantages: Public understanding is relatively low; there is no formation of well-known brand; rely heavily on foreign imports, domestic filling.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ordinary Perfume
Advantages: Many well-known brands; widely cognitive; many domestic productions; existence for a longer time; easy to purchase with wide selections
Disadvantages: Large difference in price, high-end brands are expensive; difficult to distinguish quality, low-grade brands offer poor quality fragrances; high dosage per usage; cannot be used by those allergic to alcohol

Perfumes are mixtures of fragrant essential oils and / or aroma compounds, fixatives, and solvents, either man-made (synthetic) or organic which; when combined, creates "a pleasant scent" or aroma.

Here's the list of perfume types, from highest concentration to the least: -

  • Perfumes, also called Extract or Extrait: Contains 15-40% (IFRA: typical 20%) aromatic compounds. This is the purest form of scented product and is the most expensive as a result. Perfumes last longer than other types of scents, typically around six hours.
  • Esprit de Parfum (ESdP): Contains 15-30% aromatic compounds, a seldom used strength concentration in between EdP and perfumes.
  • Eau de Parfum (EdP), Parfum de Toilette (PdT): Contains 10-20% (typical ~15%) aromatic compounds. Sometimes listed as "eau de perfume" or "millÚsime". This is the most popular and common form of perfumes. It provides a long-lasting fragrance and generally doesn't cost as much as extract perfumes.
  • Eau de Toilette (EdT): Has around 5-15% (typical ~10%) aromatic compounds. This makes for a light scent that doesn't linger as long as the more intense versions. It was originally intended to be a refreshing body splash to help people wake up in the morning.
  • Eau de Cologne (EdC): Chypre citrus type perfumes with 3-8% (typical ~5%) aromatic compounds. Sometimes used interchangeably with the term eau de toilette. The concoction began as the name of a light; fresh fragrance mixed with citrus oils and was made popular by Napoleon. Some perfumers today have a version of this called Eau Fraiche.
  • Perfume Mist: Contains 3-8% aromatic compounds (typical non-alcohol solvent).
  • Splash and After-shave: Contains 1-3% aromatic compounds.

While these are the main classes of perfumes, other products are frequently scented with perfume concentrates too. Perfume fragrances are used in air fresheners for homes and cars, and many other everyday commodities. Lotions, creams, powders, body splashes, aftershaves, soaps, and other cosmetic products may contain variable (though usually small) amounts of fragrance.

3. What is so special about Pacific Cream Perfumes offered by HappyNose?

Solid Form - This cream perfume (Artisan & Original range) uses jojoba oil and beeswax that traps the fragrance, allowing you to enjoy the perfume for years to come! It doesn't dissolve in the air like liquid perfumes, won't spill nor stain and leave the skin richly perfumed. Also, there is nothing to spoil in them, unlike face creams and body lotions which will spoil over the years.

The Little Wooden Pots - Simply elegant in design, the collectible wooden containers are compact, everlasting, and beautiful to touch. Each pot is made using sustainable beech wood and it's 100% recyclable. It'll remain as a collectible keepsake long after the perfume has been worn. This eco-friendly alternative is sourced from certified sustainable New Zealand forests; a new tree is planted for every one that is logged.

A Clever Snap - to System carved in the wood keeps the lid secure, it will not open in a rush - Your perfume's safe in your large hand bag, safe upside down in your small purse. No need to screw, simply pries the lid off.

Made In New Zealand - Award winning and handcrafted solid perfumes created by our lovely, passionate and experience perfumer Francesca Brice together with her business partner Kate Jasonsmith from the "Land of The Long White Cloud", Aotearoa. Sustainability and eco-friendly are their modus operandi towards producing such wonderful products.

Contains No Alcohol - Having the same concentration as liquid perfumes, Pacific Cream Perfumes contains no alcohol and can be used by Muslims. It provides a long lasting fragrance, usually about 3-5 hours.

Small Size & Lightweight (10x lighter than your iPhone!) - This sustainable spherical beech wood container is about 3.8cm in heights; and holds 10 grams / 0.35 oz of solid perfume. It's small enough to slide into your pocket or handbag effortlessly; and light enough which you won't feel that you're carrying it. Carry it everywhere and keep your favorite scents along with you all the time!

Aircraft Approved - No worries if you travel a lot on air. You can put your Pacific Cream Perfume into your hand-carry luggage, carry it onboard and travel all over the world with it. No one will stop you from passing through security checkpoints. It is your perfect travelling companion.

Unisex Product (perfect gift for everyone!) - This beautiful gift was designed so that both men and women could use it, for any occasion. It is simple and elegant, neither being too feminine or masculine. Perfect for everyone, it can be either for personal use, anniversaries, weddings, admiration, graduation or a gift to friends, nature lovers, co-workers... This hand-made perfume will be a unique experience.

4. Where should I store my Pacific Cream Perfume and fragranced oil?

Keep it in a dry, dark place. Heat can destroy a fragrance so keep it from extreme temperatures. To avoid evaporation, close the lid / cap tightly to maintain fragrance integrity. Also, don't expose the fragrance for any length of time to direct sunlight.

5. Where should I apply my Pacific Cream Perfume and fragranced oil?

Smooth your fragrance generously onto your pulse points. This is where your blood vessels are closest to the skin giving off more heat and acting like mini fragrance pumps. Your pulse points are your wrist, behind your ear, the crook of your arms and knees, the base of your throat. Also, for long lasting fragrance applies it at your ankles, it allows the fragrance to blossom up.

6. Why does a fragrance last longer on some people??

People with dry skin usually find their fragrance holding time shorter than those with oily skin because oily skin has more natural moisture to hold in the fragrance.* To help your fragrance last longer, use a matching body lotion or unscented body lotion to apply onto your pulse points before applying your fragrance. (*Our cream based solid perfumes have such issues solved.)

7. Why do fragrances smell differently on different people?

Body chemistry, diet and age affect fragrances on their skin. Also, fragrance consists of many essential oils and / or aroma compounds. Certain essential oils have affinity to our skin and they may be absorbed while others may not. This creates an imbalance on the skin and accounts for the differences.

8. Why is perfume so expensive

Fragrances contain a certain amount of natural ingredients, which are expensive. (The more natural ingredients were used in a particular fragrance, the more expensive it is!) To make a pound of rose oil, it takes well over a ton of flower petals, and this cost can range from three to four thousand dollars. The same is true for most essential oils.

9. How long will my Pacific Cream Perfume and fragranced oil lasts on me??

It's designed to lasts for about 4 hours or so. Some people may notice that a particular fragrance lasts all day but by then it will not smell as it's supposed to. You must re-apply it once or twice daily.

10. Ordering Options

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No COD (Cash on Delivery) services available as of now. However, you could go to the nearest retailers and purchase directly from them.

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Some Important Notes

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