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The artisan range of cream perfumes is made entirely of ingredients that are 100% natural and 100% botanical. No man-made synthetics were ever added. The fragrances themselves were extracted from the purest botanicals of flower, woods, fruits and resins. These safe raw materials were ethically sourced.

Performing quite differently from synthetic fragrances - botanical perfumes blossom on the skin, marrying with your own exclusive scent - over several hours each ingredient flourishes, embracing moments of imagination, emotion and memory. A symbiotic relationship, the natural tenors of the perfumes bring your own uniqueness to life.


The Wild Goddess

  • Product Code: ART.WILD
  • Suggested Retail Price: RM 165.00
  • A sensually elegant fragrance, voluptuously evocative of rare botanicals and untamed imagination. This perfume has a sinuous weaving of frankincense and cedar wood, and an arousing edginess of tobacco leaf. Undertones of ylang ylang, geranium and rose reflect a serenity and strength, and a secret symphony casts a soft luminous finale. Definitely wild at heart, not too loud but very striking! If anything about a WILD GODDESS resonates then this is it!

    Pure Legend

  • Product Code: ART.LEGEND
  • Suggested Retail Price: RM 165.00
  • A smoldering, green earthy scent. The soul of this infusion billows with a slight touch of vetiver and intriguing heart floral of wild rose and lavender absolute. Brushed with voluptuous labdanum and amyris to soften and sweeten at the finale. A hint of violet leaf absolute carries the lingering memory of freshness. The spirit here is opulent, luxurious and richly textured. This is recommended for people who love green, rich, fresh perfumes. Itís a powerful scent, not for the faint hearted. Also recommended for working well with the masculine set!

    Simply Paradise

  • Product Code: ART.PARADISE
  • Suggested Retail Price: RM 165.00
  • Inspired by the very essence of summer, as mellow and addictive as sunshine, fresh with ylang ylang yet sweet like the cocoa it languishes in. Heavenly aromas of amber, essence of guaiacwood and rich notes of sweet orange harmonies in delicate leathery and fruity undertones. This celebration continues with mythical frankincense and Peru balsam, caressed by a hint of vanilla. This one is easy to wear, the lightest of the range, the prettiest, good for a gift and young at heart.

    • Never tested on animals.
    • All ingredients are from the plants.
    • Certified sustainable beech wooden pots, 100% recyclable.
    • 100% natural, 100% botanical and contain no synthetic fragrances.
    • Over 80% certified organic ingredients.
    • Comes in a 100% biodegradable box.

    Hand-blended ingredients - fascinating combinations of flower, wood, and resin essences - all have natural origins. Untamed in their creation, you may find a fleck of cocoa or vanilla in your fragrance. We believe this adds to the authenticity of our perfumes. They were surprisingly untouched and delightfully unfiltered. Each element is steeped in certified organic golden jojoba oil then carefully blended with certified organic beeswax to create each of the hand poured fragrances.


    The whole-earth packaging is made from renewable and recyclable sources, making minimal impact on the environment. Each box contains a sustainable beech push-out stand up Nikau tree (see photo). A gift enclosing your beautiful wooden pot of gorgeous perfume!

    Unwrapping the perfume is an experience by itself. We wanted to surprise and delight you while remaining true to our ethos of beauty, quality and sustainability. Getting to your perfume is like discovering fascinating new worlds. An experience you will find joyful.

    Marvel for a moment - then begin...

    Step 1:
    Remove the twine from the recycled cardboard that houses your perfume. Push gently up from the bottom and there, emerges a rippled-wrap-around layer.

    Step 3:
    Unhook this protective layer... where you will reveal a most unexpected gift - not only your perfume to treasure but a cut-out Nikau palm - especially for you. A native tree of your own all the way from Aotearoa.

    Step 2:
    Marvel for another moment - whatever next? You will see your perfume resting in this signature wooden pot.

    Step 4:
    This delicate tree is easily pressed out and can now stand alone. A wonderful reminder of life's layers and evolving spirit.