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The original range of cream perfumes was inspired by the beauty and essence of Aotearoa and the Pacific. Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand. They were created from quality fragrances and essential oils blended into a creamy solid base of jojoba oil and beeswax. As the cream base traps the fragrance, you may enjoy your perfume for many years to come.

The same concentration as per liquid perfume, our cream perfume contains no alcohol, won't spill nor stain and leave the skin richly perfumed.


Akaroa Rose

  • Product Code: ROSE
  • Suggested Retail Price: RM 93.00
  • Always captivating and intriguing, the rose is classically celebrated in art, history, music and theater. Partnered with love and a tribute to beauty, this flawless creation of nature thoroughly deserves the worship it receives. This fragrance is a tribute to early French settlers’ Rose gardens in Akaroa whose legacy is still enjoyed today.

    Forest of Ferns

  • Product Code: FERN
  • Suggested Retail Price: RM 93.00
  • Aotearoa's FORESTS OF FERNS lie hidden amongst the native wilderness until sunlight discovers the pathway through giant trees. Suddenly a sparkle as fresh green fern fronds uncurls and reaches out. A green zesty fragrance with top notes of lime, bergamot and basil partnered with a touch of earthy vetiver that revives and stimulates your senses.

    Love The Mango

  • Product Code: MANGO
  • Suggested Retail Price: RM 93.00
  • A big favorite - LOVE THE MANGO! Top notes of lime and black-pepper essential oils are a subtle introduction to the first notes of the queen of fruits. Then richness and color burst forth and the heart of mango emerges: sweet, luscious and juicy. Almost good enough to eat!

    Pacific Goddess

  • Product Code: GODD
  • Suggested Retail Price: RM 93.00
  • Inspired by the mysticism of the female deities in the Pacific, PACIFIC GODDESS is strong, creative and nurturing, Dramatic Alahehe, the Goddess of Love, Hina, the Goddess of the Moon, Patroness of Travelers, and Papatuanuku, the Earth Mother of all. Born of volcanic mythical legends, this wonderful blend is the most popular fragrances of the range. It is soft and intensely rich, full of spicy yet delicate vanilla extracts.

    Tui Loves Kowhai

  • Product Code: TUI
  • Suggested Retail Price: RM 93.00
  • It’s all about love and intensity - the relationship between these feisty birds called Tui, and the fleetingly flowering kowhai tree. Vibrantly deep yellow flowers bursting forth to meet the feathered friend, the fragrant gathering before the blooms fade - a singing celebration of harvest. The tribute to this is a jasmine / honeysuckle rich and alluring heart note and a woody hint of a vetiver finish.


    Delightfully and simply elegant in design, these collectible wooden containers were inspired by the flora of the Pacific. They are compact, transportable and beautiful to touch. A clever snap-to system carved in the wood keeps the lid secure. No need to screw - simply pries the lid off.

    It took some time searching for an eco-friendly alternative to produce this precious pot, each made of wood - harvested only from sustainable New Zealand beech forests certified by Rainforest Alliance, a new tree is planted for every one that is logged.